Tank Chemical, RV Boss Concentrate 480ml

Tank Chemical, RV Boss Concentrate 480ml


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About this item

RV-BOSS™ (Concentrated Formula) wastewater tank treatment is essential for the treatment of black and grey water tanks on your boat or RV.

  • Easy to use, simply pour in the toilet and sink, the amount required depending on the capacity of each of the 2 types of wastewater tanks.
  • The 480 ml container includes a built-in dispenser that allows the exact product quantity to be poured without wasting or spilling.
  • RV-BOSS™ activates the decomposition of organic waste and toilet tissue, prevents solid build-ups, and cleans tanks and wastewater level indicators.
  • RV-BOSS™ does not contain formaldehyde.

RV-BOSS™ – RV Tank Chemical